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Equipment List

As a cinematographer, not only have I gotten to work with amazing talent and crew. But over the years, I've acquired resources that has given me access to industry standard equipment.

(all cameras come as full packages with media, batteries, handheld and accessories)​

Arri LF

Arri Mini LF

Red Kimodo

Black Magic URSA 12k

Atlas (40/60/100)

Cooke S4i Mini (18/25/32/50/75/100)

Tokina (25/50/85)

Carl Ziess CP2 (28/50/85)

Ronin 2 w/ReadyRig

Contact for Equipment Availability...

Skypanel (s60/s120/s360)

Aperture (120/300/600/1200)

Aperture MC

Aperture B7C


Nanolite tubes

Nova (p300c/p600c)

Hudson Spider

1 ton Grip Truck

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